Sunny Delight x Creads

Sunny Delight x Creads

How did Creads refresh your summer with the fruitiest drink on social media?

It all started on a sunny day in Florida. It was seeing families on the beach that caused Dick Howard to tell Philip Grinnel that his children didn’t really like orange juice because of its acidity. In that moment, the idea of creating a drink adapted to what teenagers like was born. We’re in 1964…

Back to today, Sunny Delight really understood the impact social media has on the consumption of alcohol-free drinks. They have been working with Creads to produce creative social media content (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, etc.) since January 2020. Their goal is to communicate in an effective and unique manner on all of its social media platforms in order to increase engagement with their customers, while still respecting their playful and crazy style of communication.

This collaboration allows Sunny Delight to share dynamic content at the heart of the news with its community during the summer. Thanks to Creads’ reaction and the expertise of its creative collaborators carefully selected, while Sunny Delight hydrates families and prepare briefs for scheduled posts, our creatives produce visuals for each of the brand’s social media platforms.

Sunny Delight relies on Creads and its project managers to carry out their increasingly greedy projects. They analyse Sunny’s tangy and complex brief, provide their social media knowledge and select creative experts from the sector and industry.

The creative collaborators, specialised in each type of social media, are responsible for applying graphic, copywriting and visual codes for each post that match Sunny Delight’s vision perfectly.

Here we have some examples of the increasingly greedy creations that we’re sure Grinnel’s children would love.

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Corporate collaboration between Creads and Groupe Eclor


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Litres of Sunny Delight drunk while reading these lines

3 Mio

Post visits in May 2020



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