Are you a creative freelance?

Check out the Creads’ serenity: get personalised orders, work under the best conditions, and withdraw your earnings easily!


We’ll show you how!

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Collaborate with the
best brands

No more prospecting! Open your Creads account in just a few minutes, complete your profile and work on the best projects from more than 10,000 companies.

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Work in the best conditions

Our Account Managers are there to help you throughout the project so that you can focus on what you do best: creating!

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Manage your project remotely

Discuss ideas with the client and the Creads Account Manager using our multifunctional, collaborative platform: project-specific instant messaging, feedback management tool, automatic invoice creation, etc.

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Withdraw your earnings easily

No need to be behind on bills anymore: withdraw your earnings whenever you want. Just enter your bank details.

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Forget about the anxiety of the unknown

At Creads, we reward you for the quality of your work by suggesting new orders regularly.

“We’ve been working with thousands of creative freelancers from around the world for 13 years. By finding the best creatives for our clients, we’ve established long-lasting and reliable relationships with some of the biggest French and international brands. This framework of trust forms the basis of our organisation, promoting the development of individuals and the most creative ideas.”

Julien - Managing Director and Co-Founder
Julien Mechin
Julien Mechin


Managing Director and Co-Founder

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